Ajay Beri Provides Tips for Starting Your Day off with a Smoothie

Are you one of the 31 million people out there who skips breakfast? Ajay Beri wants you to reconsider this. Eating breakfast allows you to get key nutrients early, helps you concentrate better whether you’re in school or work, provides you with long-lasting energy, and even lowers your cholesterol. If you don’t eat breakfast, you should if you’re looking for improved health.

However, eating a quality breakfast is important, which is why Ajay Beri recommends that you start your day off with a smoothie. This makes sense as Ajay Beri does work with the world-famous Jamba Juice as a Territory Developer. Jamba Juice is a global corporation that offers delicious smoothies as well as energy bowls, breakfast sandwiches, and juices. If you are really short on time or just want to taste a really good smoothie, Ajay Beri encourages you to check out Jamba Juice.

Tips for Starting a Smoothie Routine at Home

However, Ajay Beri knows that you probably can’t visit Jamba Juice every day. In addition to that, it is possible that you might not live near one of Jamba Juice’s hundreds of locations. If this is the case, Ajay Beri offers the following tips for you to start making quality smoothies at home.

Use a Single Serving Blender: A writer for Rodale wrote about her experience of trying to drink a smoothie every morning for breakfast. She said that using a single serving blender was a lifesaver as she didn’t have to worry about cleaning up and could just leave for work with her smoothie in hand. If you don’t have much time, this might be a good idea.

Mix Fruits and Veggies: While an all-fruit smoothie is certainly delicious and provides plenty of nutrients, Ajay Beri suggests you take it up a notch and add healthy veggies as well. Spinach, kale, and Swiss chard are all good options. If you find that your smoothie does end up being a little bitter from the greens, you can always add honey to sweeten it.

Ajay Beri Troubleshoots Your Blending Issues

Are you looking for a quick and nutritious meal or snack that will keep you full and feeling your best? Ajay Beri says that you should try having a smoothie regularly. Smoothies composed of fruits and veggies are an excellent way to get your recommended daily serving of both (one and a half cups of fruit; two to three cups of vegetables). As you probably read in the news, only ten percent of people in the United States are meeting this goal. Smoothies are also good if you’re on the go and preparation and cleanup are pretty easy.

If you are lucky enough to live near a Jamba Juice in the United States or around the word, you don’t even have to worry about making your own if you don’t want to. As a Territory Developer for Jamba Juice, Ajay Beri says that there are so many healthy smoothie options for customers of every taste preference. From green smoothies to chili mango smoothies, you will find one at Jamba Juice that you’ll love. In addition to smoothies, Jamba Juice also serves juices, energy bowls, oatmeal, and other healthy treats.

What If You Have Trouble Making Your Own Smoothie?

If you don’t live near a Jamba Juice or the Do-It-Yourself type, you may decide that you want to buy your own high speed blender and make your own smoothies. Then you can design any smoothie you want, and you’ll likely save some money as well. However, if you do start making your own smoothies, Ajay Beri says that you’re bound to blend a dud every now and then. It happens to everyone – especially newbies.

For example, you might whip up a blend that is too thick to drink. This is an easy fix, luckily. All you need to do is add a small amount of water, milk, or juice and re-blend until you get the consistency that you want. If it’s too thin, adding a banana or frozen fruit will help.

In addition to that, another common problem is that the smoothie ends up being too bitter. This often occurs when you add those mustard greens or dandelion greens. If you are looking to fix the smoothie, experts recommend that you add vanilla extract to mask the earthiness of the greens. In the future you might want to try using milder greens like spinach, which pair better with other smoothie ingredients.