Ajay Beri Says Life Is Better Blended

At Jamba Juice, their slogan is “It’s Better Blended.: This could refer to a lot of things (Jamba Juice does blend smoothies after all), but Ajay Beri likes to think that it could be simply about life. Earlier this year, in fact, Jamba Juice asked people what they were going to blend into their lives. Some said they were going to blend more love into their lives. Others said that they were going to blend more time with their kids. Ajay Beri says that when you blend healthy things into your life, you end up with a pretty good one. Whether we’re talking about nutrition, family, or love for others and also yourself.

Ajay Beri and the SoCalJamba team are doing their best to blend positive things into their local community. Ajay Beri is a Territory Developer for Jamba Juice, the world-famous juice shop chain that provides customers with healthy juices, smoothies, and bowls filled with nutrients that our bodies need to function their best.

Overall, Jamba Juice supplies more than 250 million servings of fruits and vegetables to customers in seven countries. To date, there are 849 Jamba Juice locations that offer a healthy, convenient alternative to customers looking for a quick meal or snack.

Under Ajay Beri’s leadership, the SoCalJamba team has participated in several efforts to improve the health of themselves and the community around them. For example, they recently ran a local 5K. If you know Ajay Beri, you know that running is in his blood. He has participated in multiple marathons, and he is signed up for a half marathon in late October. Ajay Beri and SoCalJamba also try to give back when they can. They recently handed out smoothies extensively to the homeless in Southeast Los Angeles.

So what are some of the things you want to blend in your life? This blog will focus on positive things people are doing to change their lives as well as how Ajay Beri and Jamba Juice are blending health into the local LA area. If you are looking for ways to be happier and help those around you, we highly encourage you to check out this blog again for new ideas and success stories.